A note from Michele

MIDDLEHOOD is the first TRULY INDEPENDENT television series in U.S. history.

I wrote all 8 episodes of season one in the throws of my own “middlehood” moment. My parents were aging fast, my family was broken by the great political divide and my happily ever after was getting crappily ever faster.

There was great story there – an important, universal story about mid-life – that fateful time when Who Am I? crashes into Who Did I Want To Be? and comes face-to-face with Where Do I Go From Here? A story that’s timely, and relevant. That can help us. Heal us. And I didn’t want to put that story through the algorithm-based, corporatized TV-verse only to hear that “it’s not for us at this moment”. Because it is for us. ALL of us. At this moment. So, instead of trying to sell my story, I chose to own it.

Inspired by the indie film movement of the 1960’s, I built a tiny (but mighty!) incredible creative team. Together, we assembled the most amazing cast and crew, and, via self-funding, we filmed the first two episodes. When COVID shut us down, I edited the episodes and took them out to festivals in Spring/Summer 2021, where we swept the circuit. People LOVED our show. They wanted MORE.

So, we made more. We raised our micro-production budget via private equity investment, additional self-funding, and a uniquely successful Kickstarter campaign supported through social media by our cast and crew. We wrapped the ENTIRE first 8-episode season of MIDDLEHOOD on August 29th, 2002. Now, almost through post-production, we’re ready to share it with YOU.

And in success, we want to share this model with others – creating a space for new, diverse voices with stories to tell – their own way.